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Ritual Dates and Symbols: 2012 and 2013
This page summarizes significant symbols and dates used by cults and various destructive groups. Each group is different and may celebrate different sets of holidays, placing emphasis on different days. Dates with significance to individual groups, like leaders’ birthdays, may also be celebrated. Full and new moons are also significant, particularly so if they fall on any of the main holidays or the survivor’s birthday. Those groups that utilize numerology mark dates whose numbers add up to “power numbers” or dates with repeating numbers, such as October 10, 2010 and November 11, 2011. Please remember that abusive groups steal, pervert and mock the holidays of legitimate religions. This does not mean that all people who observe these holidays are abusive. It is not their fault that abusive groups choose to defile their sacred days.

Other ritual calendars on the Internet are listed at http://www.survivorship.org/resources/altcalendar.html

There is a German calendar http://rabbcat.beepworld.de/

More information on some of the major holidays is found at http://www.survivorship.org/resources/articles/holidays.html

For most survivors, the worst symbols and dates are among those listed below.

Triggering items and symbols vary a lot; what is an everyday or harmless object for one survivor can send another into a panic. What follows is a representative list; items and symbols used by various cults to condition their victims is endless.
Evil eye, horned/hooded man, pentacle, pentagram, inverted cross, swastika, moon, cloven hoof, goat’s head. The number 666 (or 66). Numbers in multiples of 3, especially 6. Numbers with a lot of 6′s or 7′s in them (or 3′s or 9′s, sometimes 5′s). Numbers that add up to (via numerology) 3, 6, 7, 9 11. Dates with these numbers in them or dates with repeating numbers.

The pyramid with an eye in it (like on the dollar bill). Crucifix, cross, robes (especially black ones). Roses, six-pointed star (star of David). Reciting and/or reading numbers, letters, or words backwards, chanting. Tree of Life (from the Kabala). Blood, knives, guns, needles, bonfires, S/M paraphernalia, depictions of group sex, pedophilia.
Anything from Christianity. Anything from Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Anything from paganism. Popular culture representations of witches, Satan, ghosts, goblins, Halloween characters/decorations,etc. Cemeteries, funerals, dead bodies, coffins. Nazi symbols.

Santa Claus, clowns, or TV or cartoon characters. Movies: The Wizard of OZ, Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, other Disney movies. Movies and TV shows referring to mind control, matrixes, amnesia. Star Wars, The X Files.

N – Nazi, neo-Nazi
P – pantheistic
S – Satanic
T – Thelemic

Ritual Calendar 2013

From the book Ritual Abuse and Mind Control–the Manipulation of Attachment Needs and the chapter on What Has Changed in Twenty Years by Valerie Sinason

Calendars, Years, and Months

The current occult calendar consists of four periods of thirteen weeks each. Thirteen is the number that signifies rebellion in the Judeo-Christian tradition as there were thirteen at the Last Supper. We can now see why Friday the 13th is seen as so doubly unlucky Should Friday 13th also be a full moon or another occult date, it triggers even more fear. The superstition around the number thirteen goes back farther. In Norse mythology there were thirteen present at a banquet in Valhalla when Balder (son of Odin) was slain, which led to the downfall of the gods. Friday the 13th will happen between one and three times in any given year

Twenty-eight was a special number linked to the menstrual cycle. Alistair Crowley saw twenty-eight as the number of the Beast, Bahimiron. Twenty-eight also means power for Cabbalists. Numbers divisible by three also are given extra meaning-with Revelations saying 666 is the name of the Beast.

The Kabbalah has a whole system of meanings linked to numbers. Numbers have also been necessary to control the way the movement of our planet is measured.

The Maya tracked a fault in the solar year in which they counted 365 days per year. Because they could not use fractions, the ‘quarter’ day left over every year caused their calendar to drift with regard to the actual solar year. The 365-day year contained months that were also given names.

The Sumerian Calendar, sixth century BC noted Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, as well as sun and moon, and synchronized a lunar calendar of twelve lunar months a year with an extra month inserted every four years. The early Egyptians and Greeks copied this.

The Babylonian Calendar and the Jewish Calendar followed a lunar month (Genesis 1:14) and special offerings were given on the day of the new moon.

The Islamic Calendar, the lunar calendar used by Muslims, dates from 622 AD (The year of the Hegira); the beginning of the Muslim year retrogresses through the solar year, completing the cycle every thirty-two years. The Islamic (Muslim) year begins with Muharram. All Islamic dates are subject to sighting of the moon; an event that may be one day earlier or later than the date listed.

The Celtic Year was a solar year, marked by four major bonfire feasts a year dedicated to the sun.

Hindu Calendar. The year is divided into twelve lunar months, but, because of the shortfall, it becomes lunisolar. The solar year is divided into twelve luna months in accordance with the successive entrances of the sun into the signs of the zodiac, the months varying in length from twenty-nine to thirty-two days.

Jewish Calendar (Judaism); the calendar used by Jews dates from 3761 BC (the assumed date of the creation of the world); a lunar year of 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by periodic leap years.

Gregorian Calendar: the solar calendar now in general use in the UK and used by Christians in the West was introduced by Gregory XIII in 1582 to correct an error in the Julian calendar by suppressing ten days, making 5 October be called 15 October and providing that only centenary years divisible by 400 should be leap years; it was adopted by Great Britain and the American colonies in 1752.

Buddhist Calendar. Apart from the Japanese, most Buddhists use the Lunar calendar. The most significant celebration happens every May on the night of the full mooon. When Buddhist all over the world celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha over 2500 years ago. It has become known as Buddha Day.

Pagan Calendar. By the third century the term Pagan, or ‘Paganus’, was used to mean all those who were not Christians. Slowly, it took on a more disparate meaning and the term is now often seen as an umbrella term that covers many belief systems such as Druids (who have their own calendar), followers of Asatru, who adhere to the ancient, pre-Christian Norse religion, Wiccans, who follow pre-Celtic beliefs, and those who follow the religions of ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt.

Contemporary Satanism, as espoused by Anton La Vey, was created on 1st May 1966 through the San Francisco Church of Satan. As with many religious leaders, he chose an auspicious date on which to launch his church. He has considered that the highest holiday in Satanism is the date of one’s own birthday, in direct contrast to religions that deify ‘an anthropomorphic form of their own image’ instead of seeing themselves as a god, as in Christianity (Ecclesiastes 7:1) where ‘the day of death [is better] than the day of one’s birth’. Satanism is a legal belief system in the UK.

Shintoism, Jainism, Bahai, Luciferanism, Chinese traditional religion, African religions, and all the branches of Christianity all have dates in common.

Christianity is the largest world religion (including all its subsects and branches) and Scientology is the smallest among the religions that are counted in national statistics.

Ceremonial time

When does a ceremony begin? According to the Eastern Orthodox Church calendar, the day begins after evening vespers at sunset and concludes with vespers on the following day. For this reason, the observance of all Eastern Orthodox holy days and Jewish holy days begins at sunset on the evening before the holy day.

Do not assume that because someone has been triggered by one date that they will be by all the ritual dates, as each abusing group behaves differently and prioritizes different dates. Only the survivor knows at what time the bad dates are most relevant and which dates these are.

Ritual Calendar: 2013

1/1 S New Year’s Days. A druid (spirit) feast day (light fires on hill tops)
1/5 P Shivaratri (night of Shiva creator/destroyer)
1/5 or 1/6 S Twelfth Night
1/6 P Dionysian Revels
1/6 S Epiphany referring to celebrations over the manifestation of the divinity of Jesus
1/6 P Kore gives birth/ manifestation of divinity; Kore, Demeter, Persephone.
1/7 S St. Winebalt’s Day, successful Saxon missionary, founded the Benedictine Order
1/7 Eastern Orthodox Christmas
1/11 S New Moon
1/12 N Birth of both Rosenberg and Goering, Nazi Leaders in WW11
1/13 S Satanic New Year
1/14 P Makar Sankranti: Hindu: Harvest Festival
1/15,1/16 SKillfest, feast day of St Henry of Coquet Island, noted for psychic perceptions
1/17 S Feast of fools(Old Twelfth Night)Satanic and Demon revels
1/17 N Martin Luther King Day
1/18 S Old Epiphany
1/18-1/22 P Dream Festival(Pleiades)
1/20 S St. Agnes Eve, patron saint of virgins, Pope blesses 2 lambs, young virgins can have visions
1/20-1/27 Grand climax (blood rituals) in Satanic calendar: conjuration of Talal, a warrior demon
1/25,1/26 Tu B’Shevat (Jewish celebration of spring) Begins in the evening
1/26 Australia Day
1/27 Full Moon
1/30 N Hitler named Chancellor of Germany

2/1-3 P Mysteries of Persephone, Groundhog/Imbolg day. A night requiring human sacrifice
2/2 S Candlemas (Imbolc/Imbolg), means with milk. Brigid’s Day/mother goddess (bride)
2/10 New Moon
2/12 S Lincoln’s Birthday
2/14 N Valentine Day, encourages physical lust, 13 days after Imbolc, number of extreme rebellion
2/14 S Fertility Rituals
2/15 P Lupercalia (she-wolf mother Romulus and Remus: honoring of Pan)
2/15 P Vasant Panchami: Hindu: Worship of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, ancestor worship
2/18 S President’s Day
2/21, 2/22 Feralia/Terminalia (Roman All Souls), Washington’s Birthday
2/25 N Walpurgis Day
2/25 Full Moon
2/23, 2/24 Shushan Purim

3/1 S St. Eichstadt. Conjuring of Ninkharsag, Queen of Demons
3/2 P Dionysian Revels
3/7 S Eastern Orthodox Beginning of Lent
3/8 S Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
3/9 S N Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent)
3/9 P Festival of Ishtar(Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus)
3/10 P Maha Shivatri: Hindu Lord Shiva day of penace
3/11 New Moon
3/12 T Rituals of the Elements and Feast of the Times
3/15 P Ides of March: Rites of Cybele and Attis ( begins twelve day death and resurrection ritual)
3/16 Montsegur Day, persecutioin of the Cathars
3/17 S? St. Patrick Day
3/18 S Sheila-na-gig (Sheelah’s Day, Sheelahis Day ( Celtic Creatress)
3/18 Jacques de Molay Day (Knights Templar)
3/20 T Feast of the Supreme Ritual, the invocation of Hours: the beginning of the new year
3/20 T Feast for the Equinox of the Gods:commemorates the founding of Thelema in 1904
3/20-3/22 P Pelusia, Invocation of Isis. Tubulustrum Roman purification/Shab-i-barat. Night of Forgiveness(Islam), Homage to the God of death
3//21 S Spring Equinox. Children dedicated to Satan or Tiamet
3/21,3/22 Goddess Ostara (Ishtar, Eaostre) for whom Easter is named
3/24 S Feast of the Beast, Bride of Satan/Feast of Priapus/Festival of Isis
3/24 S Palm Sunday
3/27 S Full moon
3/25 Passover
3/27 P. Holi: Hindu: Festival of colors, spring festival
3/29 S Good Friday
3/31 Easter
3/31 Vertmass, feast of green, Green King/fool of love

4/1 April Fool’s Day, 13 weeks from New Year’s Day
4/4 N Death of Martin Luther King
4/4 S N Hitler’s Birthday (alternate)
4/6 Palm Sunday
4/7 Yom Hashoah Holocaust Remembrance Day
4/8 S Days of the Masters
4/8-4/10 T The Feast for three days of the writing of the Book of the Law
4/9 Maundy Thursday, Last Supper of Jesus and Apostles
4/10 S New Moon
4/15,4/16 5/9 N Israel Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut)
4/19 First day of the 13 day Satanic fire ritual Baal, Nimrod, major human child sacrifice
4/20 N Hitler’s birthday
4/20 P Rama navami: Hindu Birth of Lord Rama
4/20 Queen’s Day (Netherlands)
4/21-5/1 S Grand Climax/Da Meur/ preparation for Beltane
4/22-4/29 Preparation for sacrifice
4/23 S Holy Saturday
4/23 St George’s day/national day in the UK
4/25 Full Moon
4/25 P Hanuman Jayanti: Hindu: Birth of Hanuman, shape shifter
4/25 S Partial Lunar eclipse. Visible in Europe, Africa, Western Asia. Western Australia
4/26-5/1 P Corpus de Baahl
4/30 S Queen’s Day ( Netherlands)
4/30 N Anniversary of Hitler’s death
4/30 Walpurgisnacht (May eve) major festival day
4/30-5/5 Grand Climax/Da Meur/ Beltane

5/1/ N S Beltane ( May Day) Fire festival/celtic festival, Greatest Sabbat, fertility rites/open fields
5/5 S? Cinque de Mayo
5/8 N V-E Day
5/9-5/13 P Lumeria (three days Roman All Souls)
5/10 New Moon
5/10 S Annular solar eclipse. Visible in Australia, Central Pacific
5/12 S Mother’s Day
5/14-16 N Shavuot
5/13 S All Soul’s Day in New Zealand
5/21 S? Armed Forces Day
5/21 Ascension Day
5/25 Full Moon
5/25 S Penumbral lunar eclipse. Visible in North America and South America, Africa
5/27S Memorial Day
5/29, 5/30 Memory day dedicated to Joan of Arc

6/1 S Republic Day (Ireland)
6/3 Eastern orthodox Ascension Day
6/6 S Queen Elizabeth’s birthday ( New Zealand 6/1 West Australia 6/28)
6/6 N D Day (invasion of France in WW2)
6/8 New Moon
6/12 S Pentecost
6/14 S? Bastille Day? Flag Day
6/16 S Father’s Day
6/21 S First Nation’s Day Canada
6/21 S Summer Solstice, marked by torture, rape, sacrifice, infant consumption
6/21 T Rituals of the Elements and Feast of the Times
6/23 S Full Moon
6/23 S Midsummer’s Eve
6/23 S St. John’s Eve Fire Festival
6/24 S Lighting the Midwinter Bonfires in New Zealand

7/1 Satanic and demon revels. Blood sacrifice
7/1 S Sacred Heart of Jesus
7/1 S Canada Day
7/4 S Independence in USA
7/8 New Moon
7/9 P First day of the fast of Ramadan: Islamic
7/14 S Bastille Day
7/15 N Tish’aB’av
7/17-7/23 Sacrifice of first born males, communion with flesh and blood
7/19-7/20 Sunfest
7/22 Full Moon
7/23 Beginning of Dog Days, linked to Sirius, Dog Star, Sothis, star of Set
7/24 S Pioneer Day (Mormon)
7/25 St Jame’s Day/Festival of the horned god
7/28 S Parent’s Day

8/1-8/2 S N Lammas/Lughnasadh-corn harvest
8/3 S Satanic and demon revels
8/8 S New Moon
8/12 T Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride
8/12,8/13 Diana’s day, triple goddess, moon and three moon phases
8/15 S Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
8/20 P Raksha Bandhan: Hindu celebrates the bond of protection between brothers, sisters, and cousins.
8/21 S Full Moon
8/24 P Mania (opening of Nether World Gate)
8/24-8/27 P Fundus Mundi ( a three day late-harvest festival)
8/28 P Krishna Janmashtami: Hindu: Birth if Krishna

9/1 N Start of WW11
9/2 Labour day
9/4 N Rosh Hashanah
9/5 S New Moon
9/5-9/7 S Marriage to the Beast (Satan)
9/7 S Feast of the Beast, marriage of virgins to Satan
9/9 P Ganesh Charurthi; Hindu: Birth of Lord Ganesha, god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune
9/11 S Grandparents Day
9/13 N Yom Kippur
9/16 S Mexican Independence Day
9/18-25 N Sukkot
9/19 S Full Moon
9/20-9/21 S Midnight Host, vows, blood sacrifice from tip of finger
9/20 P Pitr Paksha: Hindu 16 day period when spirits visit their descendant’s home
9/21 S Fall Equinox
9/21 T Rituals of the Elements and Feast of the times
9/23-10/2 P Mysteries of Eleusis
9/23-9/30 Birthday celebration of Shri Krishna
9/26 N Simchat Torah
9/29 S Michaelmas

10/2 Durga, Kali Puja
10/5 S New Moon
10/5 P. Opening of Mundus Ceresis
10/5 P Navaratri: Hindu: Fall Festival, Worship of Durga. Lakshmi ans Saraswati
10/10 S Thanksgiving: Canada
10/10 Dashara (Kali’s victory over Mahishasura)
10/14 N Columbus Day:US
10/11 P Saraswati Puja Hindu goddess of learning, purity, and wisdom
10/12 S Dia de la Raza: Mexico
10/12 Hitler’s half birthday
10/13 S Backwards Halloween
10/14 Thanksgiving Day in Canada
10/16 N Death of Rosenburg
10/19 N Death of Goering
10/22-10/29 S Preparation for all Hallow’s Eve
10/24 United Nations’ Day
10/31 S N Halloween/Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve/ Hallomas/ All Souls Day
10/31 P Preparation for the Isia (ring of six: Isis, Hathor, Nepthys, Horus, Thoth, Anubis) Resurrection of Osiris
10/31 S N Start of the Celtic new year. Dark half of the year

11/1 S All Saints’ Day
11/1 Satanist High Holy Day
11/1-11/6 P The Isia: six day ritual drama search for pieces of Osiris/feast of the Netherworld, parting of the astral veil/resurrection of Osiris
11/2 S All Souls’ Day (in honour of the dead), Santeria, El Dia De Los Muertos
11/3 -11/8 P Diwali: Hindu: Festival of Lights: The end of Lord Rama’s exile, killing of a demon by Krishna’s wife
11/4 S Satanic Revels
11/5 S Guy Fawkes’ Day (UK)
11/7 P Hilaria/Mania (Open of Mundus Cereris) rebirth of Osiris
11/9 N Kristallnacht
11/9 S New Moon
11/11 N Veteran’s Day (Armistice, 1918)
11/11 N Remembrance Day ( Canada)
11/17 S Full Moon
11/21-11/27 Musemass, St Cecilia, goddess of music, prayed to stay a virgin
11/27 Sunday of Advent
11/27-12/5 Chanukah
11/28 S US Thanksgiving
11/30 S St. Andrew’s Day ( Scotland)

12/3 S New Moon
12/5 12/12 12/19 S Sundays of Advent
12/5 S Sinterklaas: The Netherlands
12/6 S St. Nicholas’ Day
12/13 S? St. Lucia’s Day
12/17 S Full Moon
12/17-12/22 P Saturnalia
12/21 S St. Thomas Day- Fire Festival, feast day, orgies
12/22 S N P Yule/ Winter Solstice
12/22 T Ritual of the Elements and Feast of the Times
12/24 S N Christmas Eve/ Satanic demons revels/Da Meur/Grand High Climax
12/25 S N Christmas Day
12/26 S Boxing Day ( UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
12/26 S? St. Stephen’s Day ( Scotland)
12/31 S New Years Eve


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